Sale Season: The Shopping Formula

It’s that time of year when we start splurging on items at sales that we honestly don’t NEED, but they are “on sale” so it’s hard to pass up on a good deal. (The struggle is real!) The question remains: What is exactly a good deal, especially in the high end market? It’s a valid question. Many items you find at Bergdorf’s or Saks that are marked down 50% or even 75% off can seem like a good deal, but in theory the markups for many brands can be over 500%. How can you shop and actually find a good deal?

First, try shopping at stock and sample sales, especially if you are close to NYC. Download the ShopDrop app, and follow 260 Sample Sale on Instagram. Stock and sample sales are usually 70%-90% off retail. I highly advise people to make an effort to hit up these kind of sales with the very high end brands such as Altuzzara, The Row, and Lanvin. These brands are so expensive even on sale, that it’s best to wait for the sample sales.

Second, hold off on making online purchases. Net a Porter and are a couple of my favorite websites to shop on. Many times, items will be suddenly marked down and you can receive additional discounts literally by just waiting a day or two. Additionally, download Honey on your Google Chrome. It will automatically enter promo codes so you can save between 5%-20% on a single purchase (even if the item is at full price) AND earn cash back!

Shopping is a weakness for myself and many other people out there. The key to shopping and having no regrets are picking out some items you know will last in your wardrobe. Pick the colors that you mostly wear (black, black, and more black), and classic silhouettes. The ONLY time it’s safe to purchase something that’s risky is if it’s marked down at least 90% off and you ABSOLUTELY love it.

There is a lot more to my shopping formula. I keep in mind resale value, condition, as well as looking into future seasons and seeing how current purchases translate into future seasonal trends.

Happy Shopping!

To be continued…

Chava Feigen